GastroMax dry food keepers

Does the dry food cabinet look like a bomb? A well-organized kitchen cupboard provides peace of mind and makes everyday life easier. The dry food keepers in the GastroMax series create a uniform look and offer plenty of functionality.


Neat and smart storage solution

The   dry  food  keepers  in  the  GastroMax series make it easier  to  keep  the  kitchen cupboard organized  as nuts, cereals  and  pasta  all  get  their own  place. The cupboard  immediately looks  tidier  when  you  use  minimalistic, elegant dry  food  keepers instead  of half-full packages and  bags. The containers can also  be  stacked  on  top  of  each other,  to make full use  of  the  space.

An easy way to reduce food waste

Thanks to the transparent containers, it is easy to see what is in the cabinet. This way, the food will not be forgotten in the back of the cabinet but is used instead. When the containers are placed in a drawer, you don't even have to lift them since you can easily see the contents through the transparent lid.

Practical container with airtight lid

The airtight lid  keeps dry  foods  fresh  longer without drying out or losing their flavour and keeps unwanted pests out of the food. The containers are dishwasher safe, so  they  are easy  to  clean  before  refilling.

Make notes

With an acrylic pen, you  can easily  label  GastroMax  dry  food keepers with content, cooking  instructions or best-before dates. The  text adheres well but can be washed off.

Four practical sizes

The products are manufactured in Finland at our factory in Lohja.