Fresh herbs in a pot made of sugarcane

Enjoy fresh herbs every day with our innovative, bioplastic pot. The pot can also be used for any kind of smaller plants and flowers.


Our popular Eden herb pot is now made of bioplastic. It looks and feels exactly the same as the earlier herb pot, but it’s made of sugarcane. You get all the benefits of conventional plastic combined with a fully renewable raw material.

The raw material

- The raw material is called I'm Green™ polyethylene (PE), which is made of Brazilian sugarcane ethanol.

- Green PE gives all the benefits of conventional plastic and can be recycled the same way as traditional polyethylene.

Sustainable land use and cultivation

- Sugarcane is often cultivated in nutrient poor soil or on abandoned pastureland. Instead of competing with other crops, sugarcane cultivation can help soil to recover.

- Sugarcane cultivation is a very effective way to use the land. It requires less than 1/4 of the land used for corn, 1/8 of the amount for soybean production, and 1/35 of the land for cattle ranching.

- Brazil has a strict governmental framework for sugarcane cultivation. Sugarcane is not grown close to high-biodiversity areas such as the Amazon rainforest.

Irrigation and energy production

- Brazilian sugarcane cultivations are practically not irrigated. In addition to natural rainfall, the farmers spread so-called vinasse on the crops. Vinasse is a co-product of ethanol production, rich in water and organic nutrients, which efficiently irrigates the sugarcane fields.

- The sugarcane ethanol plants are often self-sufficient in energy, thanks to another co-product called bagasse. Bagasse is what is left of the sugarcane after the juices are pressed out. Bagasse is rich in cellulose and is used to fuel boilers to generate energy. Sugar plants can even many times sell surplus energy, generated by bagasse.

Other benefits

- Compared to fossil resources, bio-based raw materials help to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions. During every growth cycle, CO2 is captured from the atmosphere and fixed in the biomass, where it remains until the end products can´t be recycled any more but are utilized as energy.

- The “I'm Green” PE does not contain genetically modified sugarcane.