Relax in a clean sauna

There is nothing more relaxing than enjoying your own sauna and then popping out for a while to cool down or take a dip in refreshing waters. And it is even more enjoyable in a clean sauna that smells of summer evenings and looks as good as new.


The sauna will stay cleaner if you wash yourself before using it and use bench linen. The dirt which ends up in the cottage sauna is mainly through your feet, so always rinse your feet carefully before going in again.

Check the condition of sauna stones and change those that are in poor condition.

Brush the dust and other dirt away from the floor, walls, and ceiling regularly. Does it need cleansing? Wet the wooden surfaces with warm water and wash them with a neutral detergent like pine soap. If the benches are fixed, make sure your cleaning tool fits between the boards. Rinse first with warm water and finish with cold so the pores of the wood close. Wash, rinse and dry the floor area. Don't forget to clean the floor drain. Ventilate.

After cleaning or using the sauna, keep it on for a little while to allow it to dry. As usual, leave the ventilation hatch open; you may even open it a bit wider than you would normally.

Brighten up your sauna with a matching sauna bucket, sauna scoops and sauna bowls.

Little things make a big difference!