SmartStore Collect™ – sort and store

Does waste sorting feel like a challenge? You'd probably sort more if it were easier, right? Fortunately, we have a smart, practical and stylish solution that the whole family can use.



SmartStore Collect 76 L holds three separate sorting bins, which can be used as needed. In these containers, you handily sort various packaging waste, such as e.g. plastic, cardboard, glass and metal.

The sorting bins have practical handles so that you can easily lift and transport them.


I'm made from recycled plastic :-)

SmartStore Collect products are made from recycled plastic.

By making waste sorting and recycling as easy as possible, we want to help our customers reduce their carbon footprint. SmartStore Collect enables an easier and more organized and at the same time more sustainable everyday life.

Place SmartStore Collect in the kitchen, hall or wherever you feel it fits in best. And move it around as needed – it's designed for that.

In addition to being a stylish sorting solution, the box also fulfills an additional function: it can be used as an extra seating.

Where in your home would SmartStore Collect best fit in?

Our products are manufactured in the Nordic countries, especially with Nordic homes in mind. Thanks to this, the products fit so well with the rest of the interior.

The SmartStore Collect 76 litersorting bin holds the home’s packaging waste – and doesn’t look like a sorting bin at all. This box can withstand being displayed! When all rubbish has its own place, it is much easier to sort and recycle.

SmartStore Collect 53 liter is specially designed for small spaces and tight corners. Use it to sort and store bulky rubbish such as cardboard or plastic or put it in the bathroom and use it as a laundry basket.

The SmartStore Collect 46 L Slim box is designed especially for narrow spaces such as entrances and hallways. Two smaller 13 L inserts enable practical separation of different kinds of waste.