Time to move outdoors!

When days are getting warmer and nights brighter, it is more and more tempting to spend all free time outdoors. Create your own little oasis and enjoy the summer.


Creating a lovely outdoor space doesn’t take much. Even a small balcony can be made cosy with a few simple steps. Green plants or flowers protect from the eyes of neighbours and create the feeling that you are in your own little oasis. Plant them in pots or flower boxes, perhaps with long-term self-watering to make it even easier for you? Here you also have an excellent chance to grow and enjoy your own vegetables.

The next step is lighting, use lanterns or light strings to get the right feeling. With solar cells and light sensors, you can skip remembering to turn them on. Textiles in the form of pillows, cushions and rugs also help to create a cosy feeling. To avoid moisture damage, you can store them in our water-resistant boxes SmartStore™ Dry, which also shut out dust and insects.

You may not always want to keep all your items on display, even if the best place for them is in your outdoor space. Garden tools, charcoal, or perhaps sorting boxes are the kind of items we prefer to hide when guests are coming. With SmartStore™ Collect, it becomes easy to sort and store your stuff. The robust plastic lid for the large 76-liter box protects the contents from rain, moisture and dirt and is excellent for use for example on the balcony, the terrace, or the summer cottage. In addition, you can sit on it, so the box also serves as an extra seat!